Call or E-Mail us about any of our gear and we can have it ready for you on your next bowfishing trip!

New Shirts are Here! Call us at (254) 931-3474 for ordering information. $15 for standard sizes and $18 for 2XL and 3XL sizes.

Get your Garquest Gear on your next trip with us and show your Bowfishing pride!

Garquest Koosies

Garquest Camo Hat
(Screen Back)
$15 each


Blue Garquest Short-Sleeve Shirt
(No Front Pocket)
$15 each


Green Garquest Short-Sleeve Shirt
(With Front Pocket)
$15 each
Products may vary slightly from photos above.
Shipping: USA Only Please

GarQuest also has an assortment of bows and other bowfishing equipment that you can purchase.
Like one of our bows while fishing with us? Just inqure about it and it could be yours!

Out on the Lake and Rolling in Style!

What does a Bowfishing boat look like?

We use a Dodge Mega-cab pickup to get our customers to where we're going, in comfort! Then it's into our specially designed custom boat, made just for bowfishing! Our boat is outfitted with dual generators, a custom bowfishing deck, high-pressure sodium lights for night fishing, and a powerful inboard jet motor. Every bowfisherman's dream boat! Guaranteed bowfishing excitement, no matter the weather.

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